Who Should Apply

Legal Eligibility

The applicant is a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident at the time of application and throughout the duration of the program.

Relocation Willingness

The applicant, or a top member of their team, is willing to relocate to Northern New Mexico for at least the duration of the two year program.

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

The applicant is an entrepreneur and an innovator with the ability to advance the business, both with their own inert entrepreneurial qualities and likely with the support from either company staff, or if not yet a company, support from advisors or others. New Mexico LEEP ‘invests’ in the person, and their potential versus the idea, product, or technology. The applicant has the determination and perseverance to take their innovation to the next level.


The innovation and technology are rooted in sound scientific principles. Significant advances are feasible within a two year time frame. The technology has a clear and organized plan with well-reasoned technical milestones that presents a credible path to scale, including viable entry markets or the potential to pivot.

Stage of Development

The innovator has moved past the concept phase and has gained some traction. Perhaps some customer discovery has been completed, some funding has been acquired, or the technology has been validated. This is not a program for ideas or research and development.


Does the applicant have the ability to lead toward productive and responsible outcomes, e.g. to engage with diverse technical and non-technical stakeholders, and to persuade and inspire others through written and spoken communication; to identify professional strengths and weaknesses, productively respond to constructive criticism, and grow professionally; to manage conflict, conduct themselves with integrity, and demonstrate a willingness to take responsibility for their actions?


How coachable is the applicant? How does the applicant receive, interpret and utilize critical feedback? Is the applicant timely in correspondence? Does the applicant get along well with others from diverse backgrounds and with differing perspectives?

Impact Potential and Sponsor Alignment

Does the proposed project have potential for impact in one or more of our tech areas? The technology is reasonably differentiated from existing solutions and commercial efforts. The project is a good fit for existing LANL or Sandia staff and is aligned with the area of work of at least one prospective Principal Investigator.

Highest and Best Use of Fellowship Resources

The New Mexico LEEP Fellowship and access to Los Alamos National Laboratory or Sandia National Laboratories will greatly impact the growth of the company and trajectory of the technology, specifically in the national security arena. The innovator needs the financial incentives and may not be able to grow their technology or business without the resources, access, and networking from the Fellowship. Participation in the program will drastically improve the timeline or probability of their success.

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