Up to $400,000 to jumpstart your venture

Over the two year program, New Mexico LEEP Fellows receive an annual stipend of up to $100,000, plus health insurance and a travel allowance. Each project is supported with the equivalent of $100,000 per year in technology advancement support from Los Alamos National Laboratory. This program takes zero equity from your new venture.

World-class national lab

Fellows have access to the expertise of Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists and engineers to collaborate, test, and validate technology and early product development.

“Build to scale” network

An experienced network of mentors and business resources with startup, corporate, government, and investment expertise in market sectors relevant and specific to New Mexico LEEP innovators’ needs are brought together to help you to grow your team.

Scale-up curriculum

A scale-up curriculum tailored for scientists and engineers in product development, manufacturing, financial projections, investor readiness, and company scaling.

Our Expectations of Innovators

At the conclusion of the two-year fellowship, we expect:

Become a leader of a fast-growing, investment-ready venture.
Developed a scalable, commercial product.
Early customer(s).
Gain exposure to a national network of customers, investors, partners, and talent.

Our Capabilities

Today, it is more important than ever to harness the current wave of innovation, mitigate its potential disruptions, and capitalize on its transformative power. New Mexico LEEP supports a new generation of visionary innovators solving complex challenges in national security and matches them with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) researchers to move them into the market.

Los Alamos National Laboratory’s greatest strength is in our multidisciplinary capabilities. LANL maintains broad science, technology, and engineering capabilities across multiple disciplines, leveraged to meet the LANL’s diverse national security missions.

For New Mexico LEEP, we are interested in new materials and their manufacturing methods that can strengthen US capability in national security applications.

Successful innovators have access to Los Alamos National Laboratory’s core capabilities that cross-cut materials processing, characterization, and performance to develop new materials and their manufacturing methods.

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For New Mexico LEEP, we are interested in applications of AI/machine learning that harness science-informed approaches applied to commercially-useful problems beyond conventional data mining. In advance computing, we are interested in advanced computing innovations that can grow into commercial offerings that support the high-performance computing ecosystem.

Successful innovators have access to Los Alamos National Laboratory’s expertise in
applying AI/Machine Learning and data analytics at scale across physics, biology, chemistry, materials, and engineering applications.

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For New Mexico LEEP innovators, we are seeking a wide range of expertise related to disease outbreak and spread, comprehensive bio-surveillance and mitigation strategies, as well as addressing microbial ecology, biochemistry, omics, and informatics for biome and bioenergy applications.

Successful innovators will be able to integrate with Los Alamos National Laboratory staff who have expertise in foundational topics such as bioinformatics, structural biology, biochemistry, and biomanufacturing to accelerate the development, testing and approval for new biotechnology products.

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For New Mexico LEEP, we are seeking innovators with technology or payload ideas that can scale into standalone commercial companies that will strengthen the US ecosystem for space systems and applications.

Successful innovators will be able to align with Los Alamos National Laboratory’s design and applications expertise for instruments in space and in test facilities for space and launch survivability.

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