For New Mexico LEEP, we are seeking innovators with technology or payload ideas that can scale into standalone commercial companies that will strengthen the US ecosystem for space systems and applications.

Successful innovators will be able to align with Los Alamos National Laboratory’s design and applications expertise for instruments in space and in test facilities for space and launch survivability.

Los Alamos has developed specialized instruments and space systems for over 50 years. With the growth of commercial space capabilities in the areas of launch, geo-surveillance, and lunar exploration, there is a rapid transition occurring from primarily government-sponsored support for space technologies, to a robust commercial marketplace for space innovations. Los Alamos maintains core capabilities for space subsystem design, testing, and mission monitoring during space deployment. Mission areas include gamma ray and neutron detection such as nuclear detonation detection, space weather modeling and prediction; specialized systems for planetary exploration specifically with Mars Rover ChemCam, SuperCam, orbital instruments for space weather and climate monitoring; advanced radars and sensors; materials and computing platforms optimized for space applications.

Capabilities include deep design and applications expertise for instruments in space, as well as test facilities for space and launch survivability for shake, vibration, radiation testing. We partner with national agencies and launch providers to access launch opportunities.