For New Mexico LEEP innovators, we are seeking solutions related to disease outbreak and spread,  bio-surveillance and diagnostics, novel informatics approaches addressing genomic and other -omic data at scale, microbial ecology, biochemistry, and bioenergy applications.

Successful innovators will be able to integrate with Los Alamos National Laboratory staff who have expertise in foundational topics such as bioinformatics, structural biology, biochemistry, and biomanufacturing to accelerate the development, testing and approval for new biotechnology products.

Los Alamos has maintained strong programs in bioscience through multiple waves of
biotechnology innovation, from early cellular studies through the Human Genome Project and the current wave of innovation in bioinformatics beyond genomics. This includes the human and environmental microbiome, metabolomics, and other informatics approaches that combine genetics with transcription signaling and environmental exposure. Core programs comprise of tools for global disease surveillance, bioenergy and bioproduction techniques, epidemic and pandemic modeling, advanced diagnostic testing and validation, advanced sequencing and data analytics approaches, and small molecule therapeutic screening platforms. Applications of specialized isotopes to biochemical systems and signatures has been an enduring theme (from stable isotope labeling to medical isotope therapy).

Capabilities include deep staff expertise in foundational bioscience topics such as
bioinformatics, structural biology, biochemistry, biomanufacturing. We also have networks of interaction across academic, industry, and clinical testing labs to facilitate clinical applications of fundamental advances.

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