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Embedding visionary entrepreneurs in a national laboratory gives you hands-on support and close collaboration while harnessing cutting-edge equipment to expedite product development giving your next-generation technology a competitive edge in the marketplace. Learn about our diverse capabilities and focus areas.

NM LEEP :: Technical Areas
NM LEEP :: Technical Areas
NM LEEP :: Technical Areas
NM LEEP :: Technical Areas
NM LEEP :: Energy Transition

Successful innovators have access to New Mexico’s national laboratories core capabilities spanning materials processing, characterization, and performance to develop new materials and improved manufacturing methods.Collaborate with some of the world’s most advanced national laboratories to accelerate your breakthrough technology for emerging markets which translates to a stronger economy.

Specialized Materials and Alloys

Additive Manufacturing

Critical Materials Recycling and Recovery

Sensing Systems

New Mexico LEEP offers fellows the most cutting-edge technologies in AI and advanced computing for commercially-useful solutions beyond conventional data mining. Pursue the development of next-generation computing platforms and collaborate on large-scale simulations of physical systems, such as petascale and beyond. Interact in an environment rich in expertise built on decades of research to transition your technology to the commercial sector.

AI-Enabled Technology

Cyber Defense 

Complex Data Analysis and Curation

Quantum and Other Novel Computing

Address the challenges in global disease surveillance to prevent disease outbreak and spread, or accelerate innovations in bioinformatics, structural biology, biochemistry, and microbial ecology. Pursue the development of agile and scalable biomanufacturing applications to accelerate new biotechnology products turning this vision into reality.

Bio surveillance and Diagnostics

Integrity of Biological Data

Biochemistry and Bioenergy

Microbial Ecology

Develop and deploy clean energy innovations in hydrogen, carbon capture, geothermal, solar, or wind to transform the energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon. From distributed energy to storage solution optimization, your clean-tech product will help to increase our energy resiliency. Develop products to enable the integration of climate tech into legacy systems, drive down costs, and build New Mexico’s clean energy sector.

Grid Modernization

Renewable Energy and Distributed

Battery Storage Optimization

EV Charging


Carbon Capture

Launch technology or payload ideas to scale into standalone commercial companies to strengthen the U.S. ecosystem for space systems and applications. From R&D to the robust commercial marketplace, take advantage of our expertise in deep design and applications for instruments in space, as well as our test facilities for space and launch survivability for shake, vibration, and radiation testing.

Novel Payload Development and Testing

Remote Sensing

Complex Signatures of Terrestrial Activity

Commercial Space Ecosystem

Learn what technical areas Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories have and if  your technology matches our capabilities.

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