NM Leap Team

NM LEEP :: Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick oversees a broad portfolio of programs and initiatives, including New Mexico LEEP, that drive economic progress in Los Alamos…
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Duncan McBranch

Duncan focuses on transitioning R&D into applications across Los Alamos National Laboratory’s mission portfolio. He leads the integration of New…
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Mariann Johnston

Mariann carries out operations, program and project management for Los Alamos’ role in New Mexico LEEP.
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NM LEEP :: Molly Cernicek

Molly Cernicek

Molly develops and oversees entrepreneur programs, market assessments and is contributing to New Mexico LEEP’s program, market and training strategies.
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Lindsay Mapes

Lindsay brings a strong background in small business development and operations and oversees New Mexico LEEP’s operations and project management…
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David Kistin

David is leading a feasibility study that is the basis for Sandia National Laboratories to join New Mexico LEEP in…
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