New Mexico LEEP Team

Lauren McDaniel

Executive Director Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation

Lauren oversees a broad portfolio of programs and initiatives, including New Mexico LEEP, that drive economic progress in Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico that provide services to businesses.

Duncan McBranch

Program Director Entrepreneurship & Mission Innovation Los Alamos National Laboratory

Duncan focuses on transitioning R&D into applications across Los Alamos National Laboratory’s mission portfolio. He leads the integration of New Mexico LEEP and Los Alamos National Laboratory with alignment of research capabilities to external partners and innovators.

Mariann Johnston

Team Leader Technology Engagement & Entrepreneurship Los Alamos National Laboratory

Mariann carries out operations, program and project management for Los Alamos’ role in New Mexico LEEP.

Molly Cernicek

Entrepreneur Programs Strategy & Coordination Los Alamos National Laboratory

Molly develops and oversees entrepreneur programs, market assessments and is contributing to New Mexico LEEP’s program, market and training strategies.

David Kistin

Manager Technology & Economic Development Sandia National Laboratories

David is leading a feasibility study that is the basis for Sandia National Laboratories to join New Mexico LEEP in 2022.

Mason Martinez

Technical Business Development Specialist, Sandia National Laboratories

Mason provides communications support for NM LEEP’s engagement with Sandia National Laboratories and assists with program alignment across Sandia’s alternative energy portfolio.

Lindsay Mapes

Program Manager NM LEEP Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation

Lindsay brings a strong background in small business development and operations and oversees New Mexico LEEP’s operations and project management for the Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation.

Patricia Knighten

Consultant New Mexico LEEP

Patricia supports the application process and network development.

Julie Crabill

Consultant New Mexico LEEP

Julie assists with the PR and marketing strategy.

Strategic Leadership Council

Victoria Slivkoff

Executive Managing Director Extreme Tech Challenge

Victoria is a global executive with a multidisciplinary background in business strategy, private equity and VC investment, corporate development, and operations. She leads the world’s #1 startup ecosystem for powering a better world via purpose-driven innovation and technology, aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Waneta Tuttle

Managing Partner Tramway Ventures

Waneta Tuttle is an innovator, executive, and board member with extensive experience in intersecting spheres of life sciences technology, health care delivery and health insurance. She is a Fund Manager for Tramway Venture Partners, LP and Tramway Venture Partners II, LP, which invests in early stage life sciences and healthcare companies in the Southwest.

Zigfried Hampel-Arias

Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory

Zig is a scientist in the Intelligence and Space Research group at LANL. With a decade of experience as an astrophysicist, his current research supports national security efforts using reinforcement learning, generative modeling, and high performance computing.

Jim Hunt

Managing Partner Lavrock Ventures

Jim is a seasoned technology and investment professional with a principle focus on companies with technologies that can have a positive impact on operational efficiencies, particularly in the US national security markets.

Alex Luce

Partner Creative Ventures

Alex invests in entrepreneurs tackling pressing global macroeconomic trends, including demographic changes straining our healthcare system, secular labor shortages, and climate change. He has led investments in a number of deeptech categories including artificial intelligence, semiconductors, robotics, synthetic biology, and clean energy.

NM LEEP :: Richard Rose

Richard Rose

Medical Doctor, Healthcare Executive, Investor

Richard is an experienced health care executive with broad experience in science, medicine and medical product development. He has served as Chairman and CEO of public and private companies in the biotechnology and medical technology sectors, and was a managing director of MPM Capital, one of the largest global life science funds.

NM LEEP :: Richard Sudek

Richard Sudek

Angel Investor, Entrepreneur

Richard is an investor, advisor, and professor of entrepreneurship. He is Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels (TCA), the largest angel organization in the U.S, where he also sits on the Board of Governors.