Empowering Next-Gen Entrepreneurs at Every Stage

Immersive training and intensive technology validation, allows you to rapidly transition from the lab to the marketplace with confidence. New Mexico LEEP two-year fellowship also provides access to customers looking to adopt new technologies to solve a broad range of our nation’s toughest challenges.


Two Year Stipend

Fellows receive a generous stipend, plus health insurance and a travel allowance to enable you to focus on your product development full-time. Our stipend allows you the time needed to accelerate your promising innovation into a company ready for growth.

Rigorous Mentorship

Our experienced team meets with fellows one-on-one on a regular basis to help develop priorities, provide guidance, and make connections to our broader network of advisors, industry experts, and investors. New Mexico LEEP mentors help you build your business model, financial capacity, and investor readiness.

Expertise and Research Facilities

Fellows access vital research tools, equipment, and facilities, as well as collaborate with world-renowned scientists, engineers, and technologists at one of our host laboratories. Go to market quickly with a collaboration with a New Mexico national laboratory allowing you to reduce your project’s cost, risk, and development time.

Gain Funding Early

Learn to perfect your pitch and connect with our global network of investors to gain funding from federal and private sources. These funds help you reach key milestones that often advance your startup’s path to commercialization and profitability and can even lead to angel investments and interest from venture capitalists.

Advance to Commercialization

Advance your technology into a proof of concept, prototype, or product launch through a network of experts and business resources specific to your market sector. Fellows can de-risking their technologies with pre-commercial prototypes instilling increased confidence in the performance and market acceptance of their product.

Startup Curriculum

Tailored for scientists and engineers and delivered weekly, our startup curriculum includes sessions on core business and product development concepts, VIP speakers, skill development workshops, and shared learning from other fellows and alumni.

Tech Compatible Idea?

Check which specific tech areas and expertise align with your startup goals. Partner with national labs to accelerate your scientific discovery.

Who Should Apply?

Do you have the determination and perseverance to take your innovation to the next level? Our programs is looking for visionary entrepreneurs.

Living in New Mexico

New Mexico’s robust history of scientific innovation, national labs, natural beauty and a low cost of living is ideal for next-gen startups.

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