New Mexico LEEP Announces Two New Fellows:
Yun Li of Filtravate Inc. & Scott Ziegler of Space Kinetic Corp.

After a rigorous, multi-stage evaluation process over a duration of six months, we are thrilled to announce our second cohort of New Mexico LEEP Fellows, Yun Li and Scott Ziegler. The LEEP Fellowship offers a tailored business training combined with access to Los Alamos National Laboratory staff and expertise to maximize the growth potential of these companies and the trajectory of their technologies.

New Mexico Leep Cohort :: Yun Li, Filtravate

Yun Li

Co-founder and CEO ofFiltravate Inc.


Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Yunis developing a membrane to filter out viruses, and making our water and world safer from disease. Filtravate’s advanced manufacturing process is sustainable, uses less energy, and isn’t as solvent intensive, thus lowering the cost of production. The low production costs and high-performance features make Filtravate’s membranes ideal for monoclonal antibody (mAb) production applications by solving the industries’ two biggest challenges: the need for a low-cost bioprocess and increased demand for portable single-use mAb bioprocess systems.

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New Mexico Leep Cohort :: Scott Ziegler, Space Kinetic

Scott Ziegler

Co-founder and CEO ofSpace Kinetic Corp.


From Lafayette, California and relocating to New Mexico for the LEEP Fellowship, Space Kinetic is developing a new kind of space logistics technology based on an electromechanical launch-and-catch system. Instead of using a bulky transportation vehicle to move payloads between orbits or between operations on the Moon, Space Kinetic can just move the payload itself. This kind of system will drive down space logistics costs to make space more accessible, while simultaneously providing a suite of new capabilities to both the private sector and U.S. government.

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